YAMATO.MD is an online store of products for mainly Japanese and Asian professional cuisine. This site is intended primarily for professionals such as: restaurant chefs, restaurant owners, purchase managers and professional chefs, but a range of products can certainly be used by home buyers as well with delivery option.

This site belongs to the company YAMATO GROUP SRL, which has been established in Moldova in 2014 and is part of the YAMATO GROUP international group of companies; is mainly active in the supply of Japanese and Asian products for the EU, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova markets. Over the past 10 years, YAMATO GROUP has become one of the leaders in the supply of Japanese and Asian cuisine in several countries. YAMATO GROUP is in partnership with major manufacturers and suppliers around the world and is recognized as a reliable supplier of quality products on the regional market.

YAMATO GROUP's main external partners are JFC International Inc. (US) and Thai Agri Foods Plc. (Thailand). Our company is in trusting relationships with these companies. YAMATO GROUP also produces a wide range of YAMATO branded products such as: pickled ginger, sushi rice, various noodles (soba, udon, ramen), wasabi
powder, soy sauce, sesame sauce, tobikko flyig fish roe, masago capellin roe, roasted eel unagi kabayaki, hyashi wakame freezed seaweed, dry seaweed wakame, dry seaweed kombu, miso paste, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo leaves. Particular attention is paid to quality control and compliance with international standards.

Products delivered to regional markets are subject to constant quality control in our showrooms, where Japanese, European and Asian cuisine is prepared. Our main partners in the regional markets are HoReCa (restaurants and hotels) and supermarket chains, and we also make direct sales through our retail outlets and the internet shops.

YAMATO GROUP offers its partners over 150 items, stable quality and availability at the warehouse 99.9% over the course of the year. We respect our partners, appreciate their dedication and always guarantee the best products!

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